About the author of the software
Always fascinated by numbers, it's after a long period
of work and research that I made a discovery related to the combinatorial calculation and the lotteries in general.  I decided to let all the players take advantage of it by creating a software dedicated to the Lotto. Resulting from a hard work, it has a powerfull search engine for combinations allowing a revolutionnary  calculation depth.

Before, due to the important limitations (mainly the calculation speed), it was impossible to get into the heart of the problem.

From now on, by choosing the software Loto Excel Universal, you will be able to finally take advantage of the power of your computer in order to know precious information resulting from an exhaustive approach of all the lotto's combinations.

Loto Excel Universal can deal plentiful data and extract from it invaluable results.  

This wealth is just a click away.  Don't hesitate to discover the software and don't forget that I'm at your disposal for any question.

So test it, calculate well and have fun !

For more info, send me an e-mail: author@payras-software.com

Here is one brief resume summarizing my career




Education in France equivalent to a 5 year degree in Computer Science and Software Engineering successfully completed with a high distinction average.

· 1998 DESS TBI (Networking systems, Relationnal DB, Human interface),
with a high distinction average (Université Montpellier II)
· 1997 Master's Degree in Computer Science,
with distinction average (Université Montpellier II)
· 1995 DEUG A MP´ (University Diploma) in scientific subjects,
Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry (UM II)
· 1992 Baccalauréat C (High School Diploma) in scientific subjects,
Mathematics, Physics and Biology (Montaury High School - Nîmes)


· Langages: JAVA, C/C++, Prolog, Lisp (Ilog talk, Scheme), Pascal, HTML, Assembler...
· Systems: Unix (Linux, Solaris), DOS, MS Windows 9x/ME/NT/XP.
· Methods: Merise, OMT, C++ Builder.
· Databases: SQL (Oracle, MySQL), O2, W-Langage (Windev).
· Networks: TCP/IP, Client/Server programming.
· Misc. : Word, Excel, Publisher, Photoshop...



· 1999 DEVELOPMENT ENGINEER, COMPANY ITESOFT (Data-processing and advanced technologies), Speciality of the company: Automatic reading of documents, product FORMSCAN leader in France with more than 150 installed sites.

· 1998 Training course in LIRMM (Laboratory of Computer Science, Robotics and Micro-electronics of Montpellier) directed by Mr Jacques Ferber
(lasted: 4 months, JAVA langage) :
Adaptation and Integration of SCD system for the Multi-Agents MadKit platform developed by Olivier Gutknecht. With a high distinction average.

· 1997 Master's Degree Work of Study and Research (C++ langage) :
Design of a program generating words from stochastic grammars (probabilized grammars), directed by Mr Colin De La Higuera.
With a high distinction average.

· 1996 Computer Science Work of Study and Research (C++ langage) :
Design of a DBMS, directed by Mr Michel Meynard (within a team of 20 students approximately).
Made part: Screen saved with Postscript format.
With distinction average.

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