Loto Excel Universal is applied to all the lotteries throughout the world drawing six numbers and a bonus.
It has a search engine of combinations optimized to the maximum and adapted to any type of lotto, which no other software is able to realize and which makes Loto Excel Universal a new generation product.

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Why choose this software ?


Hotlib.com 5 Stars !

Loto Excel Universal is above all the guarantee to have an unequalled depth for statistics on the lotteries, this depth ensuing naturally from the calculation speed of the software absolutely without competition.  unique speed and calculation depth

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It integrates perfectly the two aspects of the lotteries with a bonus number by analyzing any type of combinations (from 2 to 6 numbers for a simple play and from 7 to 10 numbers for a multiple play). In fact, it's the only software able to give you reports on combinations of more than 6 numbers. This aspect constitutes an essential element for the players of multiple play in the determination of their choices.
the two aspects of the lotteries
(simple play and multiple play) are considered


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Moreover, for any type of numbers, combinations and even rows inside a combination (i.e. for example 5 numbers out of 6, 4 numbers out of 6 etc...), it's possible to show almost immediately the historic of drawn and distances. All historic is flexible  (i.e. that you can choose the period of analysis in  time) with a summary of the statistics suitable for the studied item. all historic is detailed and flexible for any number, any combination and any row


In addition to covering the big majority of the lotteries throughout the planet, Loto Excel Universal, contains 2 softwares in 1! Indeed, you will be able to take into account or not the bonus number for the calculation of the statistics.Thus, two analyses modes are possible, the Simple Mode and the Bonus Mode (who takes into account the bonus number).
Consequently, you will be able to analyze the same number or the same combination according to two different points of view, which is perfectly innovating.

Loto Excel Universal, it's 
2 softwares i
n 1!



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Loto Excel Universal integrates a very evolved algorithm which is the only one able to finally distinguish the combinations from your lotto. It's the ASD (Advanced Sort by Distance) which will allow you to know for example what are the 6 numbers combinations (among millions!) with the bigest distance for the row 3/6.
The ASD is revolutionary because it will enable you to emit distinctions between the various combinations of the Lotto thanks to exclusive results ensuing from astronomical depth calculations.
Unique concept in the world, the ASD was created to analyse the totality of the combinations of the various lotteries, this in order to observe the heart of the game.
Statistics obtained are very interesting as they result from a research including all the possible numbers and all combinations.
Advanced Sort by Distance (ASD), only tool able to sort the millions of 6 numbers combinations of your lotto !


exhaustive treatment of the combinations


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Besides, it has a very evolved manual update of draws directly from the software ! manual update of draws

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Loto Excel Universal is without question the best tool to help you making the winning choice in your future selections. With its possibilities and its execution speed, it's the essential support for every player searching for detailed statistics.
If you wish to have a considerable advantage compared to the other players, then it's made for you ! Learn more...

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help for a winning choice

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